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Investing in Our Relationships

"A good relationship is more than something we want - it is something we need to be our happiest, healthiest, and most productive selves."

Every couple is unique, and your needs will vary depending on many factors; time together, stage of life, family values, culture, nationality, children, lifestyle, personal values, beliefs...and more!

Let's get together and talk about where you are both at, what your goals are, and what time-frame you have available.

What we will aim to do during our time is - 

Your needs will pave the way for the direction we will take, but at some point we will -

Identify your needs as individuals

  • Your fundamental requirements to feeling valued in a relationship


Identify your personal values

  • Your fundamental rules for living and feeling connected with significant others


Identify behaviours that are not in alignment with your needs and values

  • Learn strategies to adjust unhelpful behaviours


Discover how to support your partner through this process so that you both have the time and space to make adjustments.


My role will be to ensure that we will work actively together so we can get to the core of issues, at your pace, and without getting distracted.

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