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Find clarity...

Conversations complete thoughts because to put words to our thinking we must fully understand what we want to say.  So by thinking about what to say, you discover details, differences, misconceptions, and alternative perspectives about something that may have ever only existed in one dimension, your mind.

If you keep thinking about unanswered questions, it means that you need answers, and are ready for change.  Talking with someone gives your thinking the support, development, the time and space to follow it through until you have what you have been searching for.

Counselling is often is not mind-reading, psychological profiling or diagnosing, and nor is it offers of advice or authoritative guidance.


Counselling is compassion, understanding, acceptance, and a place for reflection.


Is this familiar?...

I don't know what to think?

What is going on?

Where to from here?

Who can I share this with?

How can I deal with this?

How can I change this?

When will it end?

How am I going to do this?

Who will support me?


...You have come to the right place.


​Who is it for?

​I work with individuals, couples, families, and children.  I specialize in helping others to build fulfilling relationships, develop effective communication skills and enhanced personal identity, help to build positive parent/child interaction, or work with children on their own to help them manage emotions and behaviours.

Children & Parents

I can work with your child individually to resolve areas of concern arising from poor inner self image, damaging behaviour patterns, or poor interpersonal skills.  Alternatively I can work together with the family, and both parent and child to build stronger communication and positive interaction.  Contact me if your home has been turned upside down by a little one's behaviours.


I use "Interactive Drawing Therapy" throughout my work, and with children over 5 years old this is a very effective way to gain a better understanding of their internal world.  Because of the use of imagery and story, creative drawing by children is an expression that can give insight into their current emotional state and understanding of events.  Because children rarely have the vocabulary or understanding to express themselves clearly, this experience is liberating and validating for them.



In an intimate relationship, at some point partners can experience an absence of passion, tenderness, laughter, and connection.  They may be committed, but experience low levels of empathy and compassion toward each other in their daily lives.


This could be due to history, lifestyle, personality differences, financial stress, poor conflict resolution skills and a lack of compassionate communication skills.


All rewards in life take effort, this is also true for personal relationships.  Join me in a non-bias space together, and find the way back to a healthy and fulfilling relationship that is rich and rewarding with open communication, freedom to express, deep connection, and a commitment to on-going development.

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