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Where words complete thoughts

Life Therapies is a blend of therapeutic services that provide focused support through change.

​Here you will find services that join with your life experience and personal direction.  Whether it is to work through the past or present, it will always be working on a positive future.


Life therapies has a focus on balancing thinking and physical health by bringing together the science, practice, and experience of various psychotherapies and movement therapies. 


Find the most powerful and rewarding way forward with changes that will last by developing personal methods and tools you will use and keep for life.

Bridge Over River


To Empower

Conversations complete thoughts because to put words to our thinking we must fully understand what we want to say.  So by thinking about what to say, you discover details, differences, misconceptions, and alternative perspectives about something that may have ever only existed in the one dimension, your mind.

If you keep thinking about unanswered questions, it means that you need answers, and are ready for change.  Talking with someone gives your thinking the support, development, the time and space to follow it through until you have what you have been searching for.

Counselling is often is not mind-reading, psychological profiling or diagnosing, and nor is it offers of advice or authoritative guidance.


Counselling is compassion, understanding, acceptance, reflection, and a place for brainstorming.

...Through Connection...

I offer Counselling, Life Coaching, and Personal Training in person in Auckland, and by Skype everywhere else.  I have focused conversations with others that lead to alternative perspectives, new ideas, and more opportunities.


It is my privilege to provide a confidential, encouraging, and supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts to gain personal understanding, insight, and direction.

At times life is really challenging and clarity is difficult to find, but it is possible in a private, accepting, and supportive environment where thoughts can be explored fully without interruption.


Talking gives life to values, beliefs, expectations, memories and future ideals, and here is where perspective and solutions can be found.

Being heard fully is a truly powerful and energizing experience.


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Choose your future...

Find clarity...

Reinforce skills...

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