Maybe all we need is to vent, offload, depressurize, or brainstorm.

What is Walk and Talk?

This is where exercise, life coaching, and counselling blend together into a unique and time effective way to energize the body and focus the mind.  Walk and Talk is a one-on-one experience combining light exercise and talking therapy with a trained listener, a fully qualified and experienced Exercise Trainer, Life Coach, and Counsellor. Be with someone who is trained to listen and support your mind and body.


Why would I use this service?

At any one time we are usually managing work, finances, relationships, family commitments, organising events, physical health, mental wellness...and on, and on it goes.  Sometimes this causes the mind to become over loaded, and the body sluggish.


‘Walk and Talk’ provides an effective way to clear your mind and sort through daily pressures before they grow into larger more complicated issues.  If left unresolved these issues can lead to physical fatigue, frustration, anxiety, emotional distress, and possibly even depression, robbing us of reaching our full potential. 


How does this work?

Join me on a walk at your pace for 40-50 minutes, at a location of your choice, or one of my favourites, and share with me what has has been on your mind that needs clearing, what's coming up, or has been and gone but still worth exploring.


I provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental, and enjoyable environment for my Walk and Talkers to express their minds and energize their bodies.  Walk and Talk is not designed to deal with deeply distressing or emotional issues, these are better suited for my private practice room.  Please see my 'Counselling' pages  for more information on this service.

What's so good about walking and talking?

At the very least,

  • This is dedicated time to thinking and exercising

  • Oxygenate the mind while accessing thoughts

  • Release excess energy as a result of fast pace thinking

  • Talk with someone trained to listen without bias

  • Conversations guided by you

  • Find general perspective, or something specific

  • Unload thoughts and daily stress

  • Discuss the ways you want to adapt or overcome challenges

  • Process or vent niggling issues around events or situations

  • Sort through your many ideas to find a plan

  • Take the time to formulate and express how to feel

  • Discuss ways to practice high confidence and strong self-esteem

  • Talk about up coming events

  • Share your dreams and future goals

  • Share your excitement, recent joys, and successes in life

  • Reap the benefits of light exercise at the same time

  • Increased endorphin production

  • Increase muscle tone and blood flow

  • Lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and improved sleep

  • Maintain good general health or reach for a health goal

  • Tone the body while enjoying the outdoors

  • Take a gentle approach to recovery from an injury

  • Start or end the day with a positive focus

  • Feel energized, know you have been heard

Please visit the Walk and Talk website for more details.

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