Take care of your body,

you have to live in it for the rest of your life!

 Regular physical activity can motivate, invigorate, and inspire. 


Exercise has proven benefits that help with reducing the affects of:

stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, low self-esteem.

Why is physical fitness so important for my thinking?

Good physical health complements Counselling and Life Coaching by enhancing mental fitness.


Vigorous movement is oxygenating and energizing, it stimulates metabolism and endorphins, normalizes glucose levels, promotes new cell growth, and increases memory function and concentration.  Regular exercise will also reward you with higher energy levels and greater concentration, better stress management, and improved sleep quality.



How I can help -

I have been personally and professionally active in the health and fitness industry for over 24 years, and am focused on maintaining a balance between the stress of life, optimal health, and functional fitness (as a minimum).  My qualifications and experience are in resistance training, aerobic conditioning, Pilates, Facilitated Stretching, and providing recommendations for nutrition to support any health and fitness goal.​


If all you need is an exercise or nutrition program, I will develop one that supports your health and fitness goals, and will be tailored to suit any fitness level, lifestyle, and degree of availability.


Please ask me how I can help you to achieve and maintain your health and fitness dream.

Counselling in Auckland

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